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The Pacific Islands office is committed to promoting coastal sustainability with healthy ecosystems, vibrant economies, and resilient communities through the strategic use of financial assistance such as grants and cooperative agreements.

Want to know more about our programs?

  • The Coastal Resilience Network funds projects to help communities become more resilient to threats posed by coastal hazards, including storms, flooding, sea level rise, and climate change.
  • The National Coastal Zone Management Program awards four types of funding to the nation's 34 state and territory coastal zone management programs: through administrative grants, the Coastal Resource Improvement Program, Coastal Zone Enhancement Program, and Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Control Program (technical assistance).
  • National Estuarine Research Reserves System funding supports research, education, stewardship, system-wide monitoring, and graduate research fellowships at the reserves. Funding is also used to acquire land for reserves and construct reserve facilities as needed.
  • The Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Center is charged with establishing a comprehensive national system of marine protected areas. Funding also supports national MPA system-related scientific, technical, information, planning, coordination, outreach, and communication activities.
  • The Coral Reef Conservation Program provides funding to more than 35 offices across NOAA for coral reef conservation and supports three coral reef research institutes. The program also coordinates two grant programs that fund governments, academic institutions, fisheries management councils, non-government organizations, and community groups.